Our International School sustainability services fit your school and its needs. We work with collaboratively, to provide you with the tools, resources and support to truly embed sustainable practices into your overall school culture. We do not believe in ‘one-off’ approaches to integrating sustainable practices, so a decision to work for us means you are looking to make a long-term change in your strategic direction when it comes to sustainability. We offer three types of service:

Our School Leadership Consultancy services to international schools includes

Sustainability Audit

Together, we work towards instilling a culture of sustainability, empowering future generations to become eco-conscious global citizens with a growing self-awareness of sustainability.

  • Our Sustainability Audit will help your international school assess the environmental impact of its collective policies and actions and identify areas for improvement.
  • Through a comprehensive sustainability audit, we analyse your energy consumption, waste management, water usage, and overall efficiency of resources.
  • We provide data-driven insights and actionable recommendations.
  • Our audits enable schools to enhance their sustainability practices, reduce their carbon footprint, and create a greener, more resilient campus environment.
Sustainability Consultancy

Through collaboration and engagement, we cultivate a purpose-driven organization that embodies environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance.

  • We collaborate with diverse organizations, including international schools, to drive meaningful change towards a more sustainable future.
  • Through a holistic approach, we offer tailored sustainability strategies that align with your school/business objectives, regulatory requirements, and global sustainability frameworks.
  • Whether it's implementing ESG reporting, integrating sustainable practices into operations, or developing CSR programs, our consultancy services pave the way for impactful solutions.
Sustainability Consultancy

Together, we create a compelling ESG narrative that strengthens your reputation, attracts socially responsible investors, and fosters a culture of transparency and accountability.

  • We work closely with organisations, including international schools, to navigate the dynamic landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations.
  • We leverage our expertise in sustainability reporting frameworks and industry best practices, and assist schools in developing robust ESG strategies that align with their values and drive sustainable growth.
  • From stakeholder engagement to ESG data analysis, our solutions empower schools to measure and enhance their positive impact on the environment, society, and governance practices.
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